This is a rare opportunity to experience the pristine paradise of the South Pacific as few will ever experience it—in the luxurious comfort of a five-star, private island retreat. By helping support our initial efforts to accelerate the development of Katafanga Island Luxury Resort & Spa, your pledge will gain you exclusive access for thousands less than what you’d expect it would cost.
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Stake your claim in paradise on Katafanga Island, a private oasis in the Lau Island Group in Fiji

Katafanga Island, Fiji



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About This Project

Katafanga Island Luxury Resort & Spa is a cornerstone development of L Internationale Properties and Resorts, a division of LHF Development, LLC. Since 2005, we have been exploring and establishing opportunities for the development of exclusive, boutique luxury resorts around the world. For Katafanga Island Luxury Resort & Spa, L Internationale has secured relationships with a number of expert consultative and advisory partners, including Provident Hotels & Resorts for operational expertise, and KPMG to manage the financial aspects of the development. At the helm of the project is LHF Development owner and COO, Lionel Foster, who brings with him more than 25 years of engineering and construction experience.
Katafanga Island is a private oasis in Fiji’s Lau Island Group. The island itself is 225 acres of unspoiled beauty where L Internationale Properties and Resorts is looking to develop and operate a $300 million, five-star, private island luxury resort and spa where each guest enjoys their own private villa and service staff. Facilities will include private runway with hanger facilities, an over-the-water helipad, and private marina facilities.
The island property presents an extremely unique opportunity as a previous entity had begun their own development process, which included full design plans and laying foundations for a number of buildings. We look to leverage their initial efforts and expand on them in order to bring our own vision of the Katafanga Island Luxury Resort & Spa to life. This will save time and resources in both the planning and preliminary development stages.